Brid Men in Sheds


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A community workspace for men in Brid to

Meet, Craft, Create and Grow

Tel: 01262 606639

Registered Charity number 1181183

At the Shed we learn from each other, mainly about how to do things but also about life.








Brid Men in Sheds is part of

UK Men's Sheds Association

The Brid Men In Sheds is a community meeting and workspace, like a typical 'man's shed in the garden' but bigger and better equipped for many people where they can share skills, experiences and memories together.


As from Thursday 19th March 2020 the shed will be closed for a minimum period of 4 weeks. 

There will be regular updates on here and Facebook. Thank you from the Trustees.

Further Update:

We hope everyone is continuing to keep safe and well. If you have any urgent issues please contact Keith on 07710 232083 and he will call back as soon as possible.

This website and Facebook will be updated Saturday 9th May 2020.

Further Update:

We are currently still closed awaiting further instructions. We will update you Saturday 1st August as we get to know more.

Hope you all continue to stay safe on behalf of the Committee.

Further Update:

The shed is still currently closed due to coronavirus and will re-open as soon as deemed safe to do so. On behalf of the committee we wish everyone to remain safe and well. Website and Facebook will be update as necessary. If you have any queries or concerns please contact Keith Prime on 07710 232083.


Due to current government restrictions Brid Men in Sheds will be closed for the foreseeable future. If you have any concerns please contact Keith on 07710 232083. Keep safe. This is not a permanent closure but will remain until restrictions are lifted in which a further update will be added.

Important Update:

Due to issues beyond our control the Brid Men in Sheds Facebook group page is no longer available. We are working hard behind the scenes to get things back to normal, we hope to re-open the shed in early January 2021. Keep an eye out for updates as things progress. Keep safe. Keith Prime, Chairman.